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Fancy text for Whatsapp

Use custom letters for Whatsapp

whatsapp fontDo you know how many millions of users there are right now in Whatsapp? It is the fastest growing social network in the Facebook universe. If not, think how many times a day you use Whatsapp, and even more, how many times you check if you have new messages.
Do you feel bored with the colours and the usual typography of Whatsapp? For you, green is no longer a beautiful colour and serifs, a work of art? We know the secret to cure the evil that blames this society of identical clones (and it is not a question of making the second version of The Attack of the Clones.
If you feel tired of the same tone and style; if you identify with Mr. God’s tuits, and get rashes with the usual, you’re in the right place.

It’s going to cost me a lot? on the contrary! You will be able to give a very personal touch to your Whatsapp account in a few steps.
Surely you have noticed that there are a few chosen ones who have different letters in their user profiles. And you’re sure to want to put it into practice in your account.
Well: you can also customize the font of Whatsapp

How much to customize the font your Whatsapp?

We love personalized messages so we challenge you not to use only the function of custom typography to biography.

Muajaja….In addition to the description of your state you can also use another type of letters for the messages.
Or how to tell your mother that you are a carca, but with style.
But beware, you can use a custom letter but never forget to evaluate whether the text, either the biography or the texts that accompany the publications, can be read comfortably.
We know that this way the messages have a different air but it is not a question of making the other guess what you mean… or yes….
The ideal, or what we believe you can use to show your character, philosophy (and tastes): choose the words you will customize throughout the text of the posts.
Entire phrases? Yes, you can highlight the part of the message that fits with the extra style, with eye-catching elements adorned with emojis.
We encourage you to try it out and tell us how far and how much interaction you get in Whatsapp.

We use Unicode characters

Everyone who tries it, loves this thing of putting different letters in Whatsapp. We’re all tired of the same thing. For now, we use a series of types of codes that are called UNICODE, and at the moment, limited to the fonts that most demand us.
This code of numbers, letters and signs is a coding standard for texts. In this way, it facilitates the creation of communication elements that serve for multilingual messages.
The characters we use in with all graphic characters, that is, letters, diacritics, numbers, and icons with which to give a different touch to your usual messages. Something very similar to what you can type with the emojis of the keyboard, but with more typographies (gothic, bold, with or without emoticons). You will stop boring with your texts!
Be careful, because not all devices read these codes well, or use another type of standard and the receiver may lose some of the charm of the message.

How to customize the texts in Whatsapp

Yes, we know you’re eating your nails to know how to change the typefaces for Whatsapp texts, whether it’s a highlight or a different typeface, you’ll have to choose the typeface that best suits what you’re looking for.
Now that you have your chida or molona fountain , with which you are going to use it, you only need one step to make your dream of becoming the prettiest type of Whatsapp come true. Imagine being the heavy of whatsapp to the one that you never know what is going to surprise you with.
And also in a supersimple way. Take the text that has generated the custom font, copy and paste into your Whatsapp state.
Don’t know how? Don’t worry, you’ll see that with these instructions you’ll be able to boast a personalized account at Whastsapp like a pro.
Enter the account, go to profile and click on edit. Here you will find the box with the space to write your username and biography.
With this font customizer you can change how both look. Watch out, be careful, because if you are going to change both, you will have to write both in the personalization box and always place it in its box.