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Using different types of letters on Twitter

twitter fontsThere are a lot of people on Twitter (261 million Twitter accounts last time we checked). And that means that nowadays it’s hard for an account to stand out. A good idea to stand out on Twitter is to change the default font of your name and biography.

Changing the font of the biography on Twitter is very easy, and it’s easy to play with different fonts and switch back to the original if you’re not happy with what you’ve chosen. Here’s the best way to get the font you want on Twitter.

Different fonts for Twitter

Keep in mind that this process is very similar to changing the font in your Instagram biography.

It’s not a good idea to change your entire Twitter biography to a different font, as it might be difficult to read and probably won’t look good. We advise you to limit it to a single section or change only its name on twitter. Also note that the fonts below use unicode characters, which may mean that they are not accessible to all devices. So be sure to consider these original letters sparingly.

Select font

  • First paste or write the text you want to convert into the top box of our website.
  • Immediately your text will be converted into different designs of unicode letters, navigate down until you find the font you like.
  • Click on the see more fonts button if you want to see more symbols and designs.
  • Copy the text you like the most and we go to the second step.

Paste your source on Twitter

Once you’ve decided on your source, just copy and paste it into your Twitter biography. Go to Edit profile to do it. Make sure you are changing your Twitter name instead of your username, as Twitter will not allow you to change the source of your username.

Your Twitter profile will be updated and you will be able to decide if this is the right font for you. If it isn’t, simply copy and paste another font or return to the default by simply typing your name.